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Laura Edell

Laura Edell

Chief Data Scientist, Al Markets & Innovation


Laura Edell is an award-winning top 20 Influencer in data science for CY20, Chief Data Scientist, Speaker. She has an extensive background in communicating effectively the usage of machine-learning to solve complex business problems augmented by expert scripting capabilities using multiple diff. languages incl. python, R, Scala, and Julia.

With more than 20 years of experience across computer software, aviation & aerospace, and consumer electronics industries, Laura is currently the Chief Data Scientist, Al Markets & Innovation of Microsoft. As Chief Data Scientist, Al Markets & Innovation.

Laura also served as Principal Data Scientist for MSUS CDO of Microsoft where she responsible for setting the strategy and enabling digital transformation in AI including best practices for upskilling and deploying snackable bits and bites of training.

Along with her professional career, Laura was invited to speak at the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Summit in October 2005 and 2008 in San Francisco, with David Norton, one of the fathers of Balanced Scorecards. She also was a guest speaker at the 2018 Southern Data Science conference and a two-time guest speaker on Cloud Simplified Podcast.

As an exemplary employee, Laura was recognized by Microsoft as the 2018 Platinum Club Winner for outstanding achievers as well as BI Pioneer of the Year in 2007 from Microsoft. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics from the University of Central Florida.

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