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Cyber Risk and Insurance in a Smarter World

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EST)


Join a discussion on the role insurers can play to incentivize proactive investments in cyber safety, security, and protections.

In a connected, smarter world that holds so much promise in our homes, our schools, and our environment, cyber threats are rapidly expanding as ransomware and other malware attacks vex every sector of our economy. The Secretary of Homeland Security recently warned of “Killware” maliciously targeting and exploiting the interconnectedness of smart building, cities, and transportation for the express purpose of threatening individuals with serious physical harm or mass destruction.  We've entered a new age of immediate and compelling risk to the essential services we rely on for survival.  In response, global insurers and risk managers are reassessing their exposure across all types of policies. These assessments are hindered by the lack of visibility into the cybersecurity performance of their clients.

This live session will focus on the following topics:

  • What can be done to reduce cyber risk in smart homes, buildings and communities
  • What are insurance trends in response to growing cyber attack vectors?
  • Who is bearing an increasing cyber risk?
  • How can investments in cyber performance be incentivized and validated to mitigate risk?