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IIoT World Smart Cities & Buildings Day 2022

One of a Kind Virtual Conference Series


Mar 10, 2022


IIoT World Smart Cities & Buildings Day Virtual Event

We’ll bring together digital transformation subject matters experts from all over the world to share insights on the changing infrastructure landscape in 2022 and beyond. The main themes of the event are: smart cities, smart buildings and mobility.

During the one-day online event, 15+ subject matter experts will share insights with 3 000+ expected attendees on startups to shape the future of smart cities; safer and cleaner cities with innovative & sustainable mobility solutions; the role of 3D digital twins and IIoT on the road to decarbonization of buildings; securing the evolving needs of the connected building; cyber risk and insurance in a smarter world; securing smart cities.

Sample Attendees from Past Events

15+ Speakers
3 000+ Attendees Expected
110+ Countries Represented
10M+ Twitter Impressions